Innovative Ways To Develop And Maintain A Money-making Campervan Conversion Business

Innovative Ways To Develop And Maintain A Money-making Campervan Conversion Business

Every so often you come across a business idea thats so cool you just have to say – “I wish I’d thought of that”. One of the coolest, and certainly one of the most fun businesses we have been dealing with recently is Vanguard Conversions based in Fort William, Scotland. They specialise in producing high quality camper van conversions for customers al over the UK and Europe. Whats the secret of their success? Well, let’s take a closer look courtesy of Dave McEwing, business development consultant for the firm.


After you know exactly what it is that you want to accomplish, you’ll have a clear idea of how you want to run your camper conversion business. There are many hurdles you need to jump over if you plan on meeting all of your goals so lets take a look at how we have succeeded in a niche market and how we have grown to become one of the largest and most respected conversion companies in the UK

Campervan conversion business owners (when you speak to them) tend to agree that, most of the time, hands-on experience is preferable to classroom learning when it comes to developing critical management skills. Experts say that it’s best to learn by doing when attempting to figure out how to operate a van conversion business and we have found this to be the case. You can make use of the knowledge and skills you acquire on the job in your own future business but you can only really fine-tune your skills and develop your business by getting practical experience on the job.

Both owners and workers should have a positive outlook at all times whenever they’re interacting with the public. Every customer who enters your van conversion business must feel comfortable and appreciated. Coaching workers on how to interact with the public is one of the most valuable aspects of employee training. If your business is good your clients will tell others about it.

One of the best methods to improve your reputation among your customers is to ask for feedback after each transaction. Once you determine that most of your buyers are pleased with their experience when shopping with you, you should leverage this information to encourage the growth of your van conversion business. You will forge a strong bond with buyers when you ask for their opinion, and this bond encourages repeat business. By providing shoppers who provide feedback with a perk including a discount on a future purchase or an exclusive promotion, you make them more likely to share their opinions.

All businesses need one essential element to survive – a loyal customer base. Successful businesses care immensely about the service they provide, and make their customers seem like family. We spend a lot of time listening to our customers’ needs, and we always try and go the extra mile to make their designs and dreams a reality. You always need to be mindful of that just one negative remark on a review could drastically change a company’s reputation, so consider using an on-line reputation management tool to mitigate the effects of a poor review.

A commercial website must present a thoroughly professional appearance to serve the camper conversion well. If the thought of coding and designing one yourself has you crossing your eyes, look for a professional website designer to create a spectacular website for you. We did, and by using local design company Lamont Design, we managed to get a showcase for our products that really reflects the quality and individuality of our business. It has paid off many times. Using appropriate imagery and attractive templates can make your website more appealing and thus more successful. Your van conversion business should be active and have a good web presence to ensure that you’re successful; you cannot ignore the necessity to have a good online presence.

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